Rhythm Composer iO-808

One of my favorite classes in high school was Music. We had a full working studio and plenty of music machines: keyboards, drum machines, a sound board, etc. ¬†When I ran across this website it was like a trip down memory lane. I used to love making beats on the drum machine we had, so I’m sharing this site with all of you.

This site offers a web-based version of the tr-808 drum machine that is fully interactive and can be used to create sic drum beats of your own.

You should start browsing by ignoring the drum machine and clicking Tutorial at the bottom of the page. This will open a new page/tab and walks you through how to actually use the drum machine. You can use the jump links to skip to specific parts of the tutorial or just scroll down the page to learn it all in one go. I liked learning one step at a time and would flip back and forth between the drum machine and the tutorial as I tried each step.

The three buttons at the top left allow you to open a file, save a file, and reset the machine. This way you can create something – save it – and come back to work on it later by opening the file back up. That’s pretty cool!

I hope you’ll have as much fun as I did checking out this drum machine!




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