When browsing posts on Facebook have you ever come across a post you wanted to save for later? You might have tried to copy and save the post in a Word document. If  you were in a rush, then you just tried to remember the person who posted. You tried to find it again once you have time, but no luck. Fortunately, there’s actually a way to save your posts.

Save Post is a Facebook feature that allows users to save Facebook posts in a Saved folder (on the Favorites section of their profile). It allows users to keep track of the posts that they find useful or interesting, without having to search for it every time on a page or a profile.

Want to know how you can save your Facebook posts? Scroll down below to learn more!

Save Facebook Posts Using Your Browser

Visit your Facebook newsfeed. You may also visit a Facebook profile or a Facebook Page. Scroll down until you find a post or a video that you are interested in saving.save-posts-1


Once you find a post that you are interested in viewing later, click go to the upper right corner of the Facebook post/video. Click the downward arrow symbol. You will be presented with several options.



Click save video.


Once you’ve successfully saved the post, the word “saved” will appear at the upper part of the post.


Visit the Favorites section of your Newsfeed. You will find the word “saved.” Take note that the saved folder will only appear after you’ve saved your first post.


Once you click the saved folder, all your saved items will appear at the left corner of the page. Saved posts are arranged according to the time that you saved them. Posts that were saved recently will appear at the topmost part of the page, while posts that were saved in a later period will appear as you scroll down.


You may also view your content according to the type of medium. Posts may be viewed depending on whether these are links, videos, products, photos, places, music, books, movies, TV shows or events.


Since the post that I saved is a video, I will click the videos section in order to view it. Once I click on the word “videos” only saved video posts will appear.


To view the original post, click the area of the post where it says “Saved from ________”.


Once you click the link, you will be taken back to the original post.


Tomorrow, we’ll check out how to save Facebook Posts using the mobile app.

~ Monique