The much anticipated iPhone 7 has finally been revealed.  The phone is available in two models: the 5.44 inch iPhone 7 and the larger 6.23 inch iPhone 7 plus.  the  So what’s new?


Apple’s star product is now splash and water resistant, something consumers have wanted for a long time. Note that this is not the same as waterproof. The phone resists spills and splashes. That doesn’t mean you can take it swimming.


This phone is also faster. The new A10 Fusion chip means it runs nearly twice as fast as the iPhone 6 but has a longer battery life. Apple says up to 2 hours longer per charge.  Graphics can run up to three times faster.


Storage has also been increased as well. This device is available in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB models. Unlike many Android phones, iPhones don’t offer removable storage.

There have been some major audio changes to the iPhone this time around. The device now features 2 speakers for stereo sound two times louder than the iPhone 6.


But Apple takes away another feature: the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Users have the option of Bluetooth or purchasing new headphones that connect via the Lighting port. There will also be an adapter available to plug 3.5 mm headphones into.

For the first time, the iPhone will be available in black, both matte and high-gloss jet black. You can also get the aluminum-bodied phone it in silver, gold, and rose gold.


There’s also a new dual-lens camera with a lot of features. Since the camera has so much going on, we’ll check it out in a separate article. The home button has been redesigned to be force-sensitive. Plus the phone now offers different vibrations for different kinds of alerts, just like the Apple Watch.

Of course, all these features do not come cheaply. The 32GG model starts at $649 going all the way to $969 for the 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus.

~ Cynthia