In part 1 of this series, we looked at how to save Facebook posts to read for later using a browser. Today, let’s learn how to do it on your phone or tablet.

First, you’ll need to open the app and go to your Facebook news feed. You may also visit a Facebook profile or a Facebook Page.  Scroll down until you find a post or a video that you are interested in saving.

Once you find a post that you are interested in viewing later, tap the upper right corner of the Facebook post/video, specifically the downward arrow symbol. You will be presented with several options.


Once you tap the save video option, your post will be saved.


To view the saved post, tap the Option ‘More’ at the bottom right corner of the screen.


You will be directed to a new page with the different sections of your Facebook account. To your your saved post, choose the “Saved” folder option.


Once you click the saved folder, all your saved items will appear at the left corner of the page. Saved posts are arranged according to the time that you saved them. Posts that were saved recently will appear at the topmost part of the page, while posts that were saved in a later period will appear as you scroll down.


You may also view your content according to the type of medium. Posts may be viewed depending on whether these are links, videos, products, photos, places, music, books, movies, TV shows or events.


To view the original post, tap the ellipsis button at the right section of the post. Then, tap the view post option.


You will be redirected to the original post.


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~ Monique