Ransomware Warning: This Is How They Trick You

I’ve been giving you almost weekly warnings about Ransomware lately. Attacks of this computer-destroying malware are on the rise. Guess what turned up in the Customer Service inbox?  A perfect example of the kind of tricks these crooks use to draw you in.  Check out the image below:


If you’re a company that sells something, a purchase order is great news. See that attachment below. Clicking on it could be a great way to lock up your PC forever.


You can bet this went straight into the the trash.


~ Cynthia

One thought on “Ransomware Warning: This Is How They Trick You

  1. I’ve gotten a couple of these over the last month or so, maybe not that long. I don’t open or click on any attachments they include as I know I have never ordered nor had any dealings with this ‘company.’ They get blocked and then deleted.

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