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Spotify is an extremely popular music streaming service available in both a free and paid version. You can use it on your PC or your mobile device.

Most people who use Spotify use it merely as a music player, which is a pity because it has so much more to offer than just that. As a daily Spotify user, I rely on it to maintain my music library, create playlists of the songs I like and most of all, to find new music.


Here’s how I use Spotify to discover new music.

Helping listeners discover new music is one of the strongest points of Spotify and they have nailed it to perfection with the launch of the Discover Weekly feature in July 2015. The premise is rather straight forward- Every Monday, Spotify sends you a 30 track playlist which is curated based on your taste profile, based on the kind of songs that you have been listening to the most.

Now this is not some random auto generated playlist that is a hit and miss. Spotify has spent a lot of time devising the complex algorithm behind this as the feature does an amazing job of recommending to you, the songs and the artists that you are very likely to love. I have been using this feature since its inception and I am yet to be disappointed. In fact I am listening to it right now, as I type this article.


The minute analysis is based on all your actions. If you skip a song then Spotify takes that into consideration. If you follow a playlist, curate a playlist of your own or if a song is played more than once in a short duration, then Spotify takes that into consideration as well.

The feature also discounts for any seasonal behavior. Which means that the 100 Christmas songs you played over the holidays will not appear on the Discover Weekly playlist unless you are playing them all year long.

This feature is available for both the free and the premium users and once you start using it, you will be looking forward to Monday when new Discover Weekly playlists are released for users.

~ Yogesh


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