This week I’ve been tell you all about the great features of the Spotify music streaming service that you might not know about. One of my favorite it the music history.

Many people aren’t aware that Spotify maintains a history section for each of its users. So if you forgot the name of that amazing song you listened to last week then fret not, the history section will have a record of it. This happens to me more often than I care to admit.

To access your music history, you need to go to the ‘Play Queue’ section.

If you’re using the desktop app, just click the play queue button on the bottom right of the screen.  For Android and iPhone, you’ll find it on the top right.

Once in that section, click the ‘history’ tab to see a list of songs that you have played in the past. It’s as easy as that. Note that this feature is only available on the desktop and the web version and once a song is added to it (upon play), it cannot be removed. If you do not have any songs showing up over there, then you probably have the private mode on.

Enjoy listening!