Welcome to Lady Science, a collaborative writing project that aims to shed a light on women’s contributions to the science, tech, and medical fields.

On the home page, you’ll find an introduction to the site and a list of recent articles. You’ll find your main navigation options at the top of the screen, the main categories are: Issues, Blog, Pitch, Reading List, Recommendations, Anthology, The Team, and Contact.

If you don’t find a recent article that floats your boat, head on over to the Issues section. There you can find the past issues with the most recent issue first. It looks like there is typically one issue a month, and each listing offers you a brief rundown of the content inside. Another way to view past content is to head on over to the Anthology section and download the first volume of Lady Science as an e-book.

The Blog features a weekly list of feminist content from around the web. Pitch gives you a detailed example of what they want if you want to contribute and offers up the submission form. Reading List offers up reading material organized by category. The categories you’ll find are: Internet Sources, Labor, Medicine, Science, Space History, Popular Culture & Literary Criticism, Feminist Scholarship, and Primary Sources.

Recommendations offers up suggests for Television and Fiction that meets the scope of the genres they are interested in.

This is a really cool way to learn about the contributions that women have made to science, technology, and medicine. Go check it out for yourself today!