Welcome to Mathigon! This site offers free, math education that uses an interactive textbook, videos, games, and more!

When you arrive at the site you can scroll down the page to learn a little bit about Mathigon, and even check out the course library.

The course library is divided by grade level. It offers you grades 6-9, 10-12, College, and there’s also a Recreational section.  Each grade level offers multiple categories of math. Be sure to check out the Recreational section, that’s where I found my favorite thing on the site – Mathematical Origami!

After you’ve browsed the site and decided you’re into this new way of experiencing math, you’ll want to register for a free account. You can do so by clicking Login on any page. They offer the option to connect via Facebook, Google, or with your e-mail address. If you want to register with your e-mail address be sure to click the Create A New Account link. Logging in will let you save your progress,  and get a personalized curriculum.

This looks like a really neat way to learn math concepts! Go check it out for yourself today!