A reader is having problems getting a good WiFi signal. But in this case, the WiFi is provided by the apartment where he lives. He writes: “I live in an assisted living establishment with furnished WiFi. Often I can only get download speeds of 1 MBPS or less. Is there anything I can do to get better reception. I have tried a Netgear WN111v2 adapter and it does not seem to help. Any advice would be appreciated.”

Do you know what speed connection your facility is offering? It’s possible they may not have enough for all the residents who need to use it. Is anyone else having a similar problem?  If so, it’s time to talk to the management. They either need to pay for a better connection or perhaps put in a few WiFi extenders to make sure the signal reaches everyone.

How’s your signal strength?  If the signal isn’t very strong, you might want to try a USB WiFi antenna to see if that boosts it.  The location of your apartment in the facility could play a role in the problem.

~ Cynthia