Sometimes life presents me with the opportunity to write a tip. A few minutes ago I received a group Facebook message inviting me to my niece’s housewarming party!

I’m interested in the event and do want to stay informed about who’s coming and what they are bringing. But since she invited a large number of people (she’s pretty excited about owning her first home and we’ve got a big family),  my phone is buzzing every 10 seconds with a reply.

I don’t want to turn off my phone, so what are my options?

First, I’ll open Messenger and find the conversation.


Then open the message.


Click the i symbol at the top of the page.


Tap Notifications on the drop-down menu that opens.


You have the option to turn off notifications for a few minutes up to 24 hours. Or you can decide to leave them off until you turn them on again. Then tap OK.


The notifications will stop. You can always check bac in on what’s happening just by opening the message.

~ Cynthia