I’ve talked to you before about the great, free photo app Snapseed.  You can check out some of the previous articles by clicking here and here.


Now, there’s a cool new feature: The ability to add text to photos! Let’s check out how it works! First, open Snapseed and choose an image to edit. Then select the edit icon. It looks like a pencil.


You’ll see a menu of editing options, including a brand-new option to add text.


Swipe left or right below the image to select from a variety of text styles.


As you select the options, a sample will display on the screen. Double-tap the screen when you find the one you want.


Then type in your text. When you’re finished, tap OK.


Your text will display over the image.


Tap the palette icon to scroll through a full range of colors. The colors will change on screen as you tap the colors. Tap the check mark to pick a color.


Choose the Opacity button to change the transparency of the text or to invert it.


You can also try out different text styles with your new color and opacity choices. Click the check mark when it looks right. You can adjust the size of the text by pinching and zooming on the screen.


Don’t forget to tap the Save icon at the top to save your work.


~ Cynthia