Election Ads Shift From TV To Internet

Broadcasters had predicted that this year would see record spending on political ads. Turns out they were wrong.  Stocks for TV and radio companies took a big drop after Sinclair Broadcast said they’d seen a significant drop in the amount of political spending.


So what’s up? It’s a hotly contested election. However, candidates, especially Donald Trump, are turning to the Internet opting for viral videos and social media campaigns instead of TV and radio spending.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Breaks Some Webcams

Having an issue with your external webcam after the latest Windows 10 update?  You aren’t alone.

The update caused several models of USB-connected webcams to lock up or shuts down. Microsoft promises to fix the issue with an update soon.

Group Wants Microsoft To Pay For Windows 10 Aggravation

Some people say it’s time for Microsoft to pay up for all this aggravation. A British consumer group called Which? wants Microsoft to pay Windows 10 users for problems caused by their upgrade. It says it has received hundreds of complaints about the upgrade.

Microsoft says the upgrade was voluntary and that they offer free customer support to users who are having problems.

~ Cynthia