Did you know there is a flower parade every year in the Netherlands? I didn’t! After discovering this gallery of flower sculptures from this year’s parade, I couldn’t resist sharing this it with all of you!

This is a Bored Panda gallery devoted to the giant flower sculptures that were part of this year’s parade.  Every year different teams compete to create the best flower sculpture float.  This year each float is made from dahlias.

When you arrive there is a brief bit of introductory text (including a link to last year’s floats that you don’t want to miss) and then you’ll scroll down directly into the gallery.

I am really amazed at how different the floats are from one another considering they are all made with the same type of flower. Hands down, my favorite float is the foxes.

Then after the images,  you can see a video of the parade. It’s an hour and half long, so you might want to fast forward through to the floats you want to see. I watched the whole thing I while I was knitting one afternoon.

Go check it out for yourself today!