Lax FDA Cybersecurity Puts Public Health Data At Risk

Once again, a government agency has been called out for its poor cybersecurity practices. According to an investigation by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the FDA did not protect sensitive data on drugs and public health as well as personal information on its computers. Nearly 90 weaknesses were discovered including the failure to encrypt sensitive data, lack of physical security, unprotected networks, and a failure to identify and authenticate system users. They also failed to annually review their security procedures or adequately train personnel in security procedures.


The GAO issued 166 recommendations to improve security.  You can read more on the findings by clicking here.


Amazon Offers $2.5 Million Reward For Better Conversation

Amazon is now offering the Alexa Prize – an annual competition for college students aimed at moving the field of conversational artificial intelligence forward. The award is named after the company’s digital assistant Alexa.  The challenge is to develop a chatbot that can hold a coherent, engaging chat with humans on current topics for 20 minutes. The winning team will win $500,000 with an addition $1 million awarded to the winning team’s university.


Up to 10 teams of students will be eligible to receive $100,000 stipend plus the equipment needed to develop their chat bots. Click here learn more and how to apply.

Windows 10 Running On 400 Million Devices

Microsoft says that Windows 10 is now running on 400 Million machines.


The company still has a way to go to reach its target of having Windows 10 on a billion machines by the end of 2017. The company says Windows 10 has a faster adoption rate than Windows 7 did at launch, but Windows 7 still is still the operating system for about 50% of PCs in use.

~ Cynthia