Make a Ringtone in Audacity

It’s great to have your favorite song for a ringtone. However, the biggest problem with doing this is that the ringtone starts from the very start of the song and nobody gets to hear the catchy chorus or the epic guitar solo. This problem can be frustrating and can even cause you to use a different ringtone. There is a way that you can get your ringtone to start from wherever you want.

It involves using the great, free audio editing program Audacity. Follow the steps below and you’ll have the perfect ringtone in no time.

1. Open up Audacity to start. Then open up the desired track you want to use for to make your new killer ringtone from. This is done by clicking File and Open (much like opening a Word document).

2. Once you have the track open zoom in a little so you can see the green line. To do this, just click the Zoom in button about 3 times.

3. Now play the song by clicking the Play button. Pause where you want your ringtone to start.

4. Wherever the green line is, click there. A good place to start the ringtone is right on a beat and not midway through a beat. You can tell from the waveforms if it’s a cymbal crash, new chord struck, vocals beginning or a snare hit.

5. Hover over the black line which you just placed and a hand sign should pop up. Click down and highlight the next 30 seconds by dragging the mouse across the screen. Hit the play button and this will be your ringtone. If you want to adjust the end just hover over the end of the highlighted part and drag it accordingly.

6. You should have something like the screenshot below.

7. All you have to do now is hit the Stop button (large yellow square) and then the Trim Audio button. Your new killer ringtone is finished.

8. Click File and Export Audio. Save it in an easily accessible place and make sure you have a LAME encoder if you want to export it as an MP3 file.

That’s it. You now have an awesome ringtone that starts wherever you want and will make people jealous.


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