Not being able to speak can make like difficult for kids and also for those who want to interact with them. Thankfully, thanks to modern tech, it’s possible to use easily available touchscreen phones and tablets to facilitate communication for non-verbal children.

One great tool for helping bridge the communication gap is the SoundingBoard App for Apple devices. The best part, it’s absolutely free in the iTunes store.


The app comes with pre-loaded boards containing symbols for common situations like Emergency Help, Money, and Shopping.


Or you can create custom boards containing up to 20 messages each. When pressed, the symbols play a pre-recorded message. You can record messages of nearly any length to go with each symbol and even add icons using your own photos.  Here’s an example of some of the symbols. Kids can express emotions or ask someone to stop doing something.


And also make requests to play, read, or watch TV.


To make a custom message, you select either you own photo or a symbol or photo provided by the app. Name the message and then record the message.


The app is available in English, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish and can be used on devices running iOS 8 and up.

~ Cynthia