Is It Dangerous To Accept Fake Facebook Friend Requests?

In response to our article on fake Facebook friend requests, a reader asked. “This happens often on Facebook with different friends. We,after checking if it is really from the friend, advise the friend to post a notice not to accept this request. Is there a danger if it is accepted?”


They aren’t immediately dangerous. Accepting a friend request is not the same as launching a virus or granting accesses to your bank account. Nothing is immediately going to happen to your advice.

What normally happens is these people will message you pretending to be your actual friend. Sometimes they want to share a link for you to click on. This can be a link to advertising or to some type of malware.

Sometimes they’ll ask for money. Clearly, anyone who needs to pretend to be someone else is up to no good.  As a friend, these fakers can look over your Facebook page and learn things about you like the names of relatives, pets, where you went to school, where you work, and if you’re dealing with an illness. This type of information can be used to scam you or people you know and also to take better guesses at your passwords and security questions.

~ Cynthia


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