I’ve told you before about Microsoft’s free online Office apps available at Outlook.com. Those apps have a new look. Let’s check them out.  If you have an Outlook.com, Hotmail, or MSN.com address, you can go straight to the Outlook.com online inbox to access them. If not, you can take a few moment to create a free account.  Just click the little square of squares at the top of the inbox to see what’s available.


The first app you see is mail.  Right next to it is your Calendar.


Open it and you’ll have a full appointment calendar that allows you to add and share.


Click the People App and you can add and update contacts.


OneDrive allows you to access your free cloud storage. A new feature is an icon for Tasks.


This feature allows you to create to-do lists.


We’ve talked before about the free Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Sway apps online. They are all still just one click away.


Docs.com is a new option, though.


This is where you can upload documents you’re particularly proud of to share with others and also where you can view other documents for inspiration. You can even download the work of others to use it as a basis for your own.


You’ll also see shortcuts to go to Office.com, Bing, and the MSN portal.

We’ll get more into how to use each of these features in upcoming articles.

~ Cynthia