How hard are crooks willing to work to steal your data? We’ve told you before about how ransomware attacks have crippled hospitals by tricking employees into opening malware loaded emails.  Here’s how some crooks managed to do it at a UK hospital. Scammers targeted an employee on LinkedIn and found out where he attended school. A little research revealed what sports he’d participated in and that he’d been a team captain. The crooks found out the name of a co-captain and created a fake account using the name of the former classmate. Then they sent an email with an attachment, claiming that attachment was a picture from their school days.


When the employee clicked on the photo, he activated spyware, which began stealing date from the network. It was weeks before the hospital discovered the scam. Before you click on an attachment, check with the person who sent it to make sure it’s legit. And don’t just reply back to the message, contact that person with a separate message using whatever email address you have in your contacts.

~ Cynthia