In The News 10/14/2016

Samsung Shuts Down Note 7 Production

Samsung announced that it is temporarily adjusting its production schedule because of safety issues with the Galaxy Note 7 phones. What that actually means is that they’ve stopped production until they can figure out just why the phones keep exploding.


The company recalled some phones and issued replacement phones, but it looks as if the replacement phones are going kaboom as well. That would tend to indicate that they company hasn’t actually figured out what’s making their flagship phone explode. No word yet on when production will resume.

Microsoft Plans Update To Paint

Microsoft is planning a major update for Paint in Windows 10. The company is currently testing a new Paint app that allows you create 3D designs and supports a pen on a touch screen, but it also will retain the basic Paint functions that users know and love.

Click here to check out a video about the new app.

What do you think about this upgrade to Paint? What new features would you like to see? Or should Microsoft leave it alone? Let us know in the comments.

Apple Watch Banned From To Secret Meetings

The UK has banned the Apple Watch from top-secret meetings because of fears that Russian spies could hack the smart watch and turn it into a listening device.


This follows a string of embarrassing leaks of top-secret U.S. government materials that the U.S has blamed on Russian hackers.

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  1. Microsoft should just leave Windows 10 alone! Everytime they do an upgrade to it, something always fails to work properly. The last update they did last week, I lost Google Chrome browser. Finally got Google Chrome browser back, but now my Windows Media Player won’t work ( and Groove never did work properly in the first place!)

    When are they (Microsoft) going to get it through their thick skulls, that Windows 10 is a complete failure? I was forced to upgrade to 10, and have nothing but problems from day one. I’m ready to format my computer completely and go with either Mac or Linux!

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