You know that you can launch apps displayed on your Windows 7 Taskbar just by clicking them.


But did you know you can also launch apps pinned to your Taskbar with your keyboard? Here’s how it works:  First, locate the Windows key. It looks like this:


Press it and the number key that matches the position of the item pinned to the Taskbar. To open Paint from the Taskbar below, I would  press the Windows key and the number 6.


The numbering goes left to right and does not include the Start Button.

And just in case you’ve never pinned an item to the Taskbar before, it’s a great way to make frequently-used programs easily accessible and it couldn’t be easier to do.  Just open your Start Menu and choose All Programs.


Then find the program you want to display on your Taskbar.


Right-click and choose Pin to Taskbar from the dropdown menu that opens.


~ Cynthia