There’s yet another Disney fraud making the rounds on Facebook. Check it out below.


You5 first clue that this is not legit is the way the contest is handled. That’s not the way big companies handle contests. If someone can’t accept the prize, they just draw another winner from eligible entrants.  This prize claims to be offered by a page called Disney Cruise.


Pop over to their page and there are a bunch of clues that this is fake. There are only a few posts. Only a few photographs and nowhere near the number of followers an actual Disney site would boast.


An actual Disney page would have more than four stock photos available.


See the site they talk about in the post?  If you click on that link, this is what you get.


You’ll see the standard Privacy and Rules links at the bottom, but guess what?  They don’t work.


Clicking on this site will likely bring some lovely malware or ransomware right to your device. Or authorize an app to make spam posts to everyone you know. It’s not only dangerous for you but for your friends. So if you get any type of message from this site, do not respond or click on it.  So why do you keep falling for things like this?  Because you keep sharing things like the one below.


At least 5 Facebook friends of mine that I know to be fairly intelligent humans shared this post over the weekend. Blindly sharing information like this as if you have confirmation it is true is irresponsible. None of that “better safe than sorry” nonsense either,is folks.  It’s a bad habit that breeds careless online behavior that leads to people clicking on links or messages that wreck their computer or phone. Or to your more gullible friends sending money to strangers who sent them a message.

Set a good example. Don’t share sketchy things and make sure you let the people who do share them know that they’re spreading falsehoods.

~ Cynthia