A reader is having a problem using his bookmarks. “I am using Mozilla Firefox browser. Now, five days ago, I started getting ‘unable to connect’ messages for most of my bookmarks and ALL URL links (Google, email, etc.). On suggestions from some family members, I cranked up Chrome and tried to access the same bookmarks and various links.  Sames results as Firefox. So, I now believe my browser is not the problem. I can send and receive email and access Facebook.  I’m running AVAST security. If I just type in the address and hit enter, the same thing happens.”


If your Internet connection is still strong, I suspect the problem may be due to security add-ons in Firefox and Chrome. Both programs allow you to add certain add-ons (also known as extensions). These programs mean well, but they sometimes block you from certain sites.

If you’re absolutely sure these sites are safe, try turning off your extensions (add-ons) and accessing the sites. If that works, you can experiment one at a time turning the extensions back on. If you find that the issue is your security add-ons, you’ll probably need to go into the program and let it know that these sites are safe or adjust your security settings in some way.

~ Cynthia

*I heard back from the reader and this was indeed the problem.