Nintendo is showing off its new Switch gaming device which is not quite like anything you’ve seen before. It attempts to bridge the gap between a console device like an Xbox One and a hand-held device like the PlaySation Portable.


At home, it slides into a dock and you use it with your TV.


To take with you, you slide it into a control grip and take it with you as a handheld.


But you can also take the control grip apart and use them as wireless controllers from the tablet.  The device will support multi-player use with the wireless controllers.


Part of me wonders if you’re going to want to be toting you expensive game console around with you where it can easily break. (there’s no price listed for the Switch yet, so I’m only assuming it will be expensive.)


Microsoft is trying to bridge the gap between console and portable gaming making Xbox games that can be played on any Windows 10 device, including PCs, phones, and tablets.

Which strategy will work best? Only time will tell. The Switch is expected to be available next spring. No word yet on the price of the device or the controllers. You can check out the full Switch video by clicking here.

~ Cynthia