This is a really cool map of the locations where movies were filmed in the UK brought to you by Britain on Film.

I want to start with the caveat that this site might be frustrating to some of you because you can’t watch the films (most cost money and are only licensed to play on  demand in the UK, but if you’re in the UK watch those free ones!). But with that said, I am still sharing it will all of you because I think it is a really neat way to look at the map of the United Kingdom.

When you arrive, you’ll see the map displayed on the left, and options for navigation on the right side of the page, including the ability to search by location, date, and subject. You can also just click on one of the pins on the map to learn more about the films at that location. If there is more than one film at a location, you’ll be able to pick from the selection and then be whisked away to that film’s page.

On the film’s page, you’ll learn more about the film, how it was produced, and if it is in a specific film archive. I think that’s pretty neat.

Go explore the map today!