Here’s an interesting little app for you. An Android launcher from the Microsoft corporation.  It was designed by Microsoft Garage, a project lab inside the company that allows employees to experiment with projects that aren’t necessarily related to their job descriptions within the company.

If you’re not familiar with the term “launcher,” it’s basically the desktop for your phone. Changing the launcher gives your device a new look and can make it easier to use. Here’s the standard Android desktop/launcher for my phone.


Here’s what the Arrow Launcher looks like. It probably doesn’t look drastically different to you. But there is a subtle difference here you might not notice at first. Arrow arranges the apps on your desktop automatically based on how often you use them.


Arrow also offers a Recent option that shows you the apps you’ve used recently. This reminds you a little bit of the Windows Start menu.


Also similar to Windows 10, is the People section that pulls your contacts from mail, social media, and messaging together in once place.


If you use Microsoft Office, you’ll like the Documents section that takes you directly to your Office files.


If also offers daily updates of some gorgeous Bing wallpapers.


Best of all, it’s absolutely free from the Google Play Store.  Just type Arrow Launcher into the search field, then tap Install.

Let us know what you think!

~ Cynthia