Move Photos From OneDrive To A PC

Once you get those documents and photos backed up in the cloud, how do you move them somewhere else?   That’s what a reader wanted to know: “I have pictures for insurance purposes on one drive,saved from my cell phone.  how do I get them onto my computer hard drive so I can put them on a thumb drive? I’m running Windows 10.”

If you’re running Windows 10, this is pretty easy.  Click the icon to open File Explorer.


Then scroll down on the left and select OneDrive.


If you always want your photos from OneDrive to be backed up on your PC automatically, right-click on OneDrive and select Choose which folders to sync.


Then select the folders.  In this case, you’ll want to choose Pictures.  Now, your photos will save both in the cloud and on the hard drive of your PC.


Just click the OneDrive Pictures folder.


Then copy and paste or drag and drop your images to your flash drive.

~ Cynthia


One thought on “Move Photos From OneDrive To A PC

  1. Nope! My client’s OneDrive has a folder called “Photos” which is not accessible this way. Contrary to what others have said, it contains unique photos not found elsewhere on OneDrive. Except to copy these photos one at a time, I cannot do anything useful with the “Photos” folder. And there are thousands of photos, probably uploaded from an iPhone. It is extremely laborious to copy these photos one at at time. It seems like Microsoft wants the photos there forever and tries really hard to make it difficult for one to copy the photos for safe storage elsewhere.

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