Phonotto Makes Smartphones Easier For Seniors

Getting used to a smartphone can be a challenge, especially for seniors. Many times it’s a completely unfamiliar technology. And frankly, those tiny buttons aren’t necessarily simple even if you’ve been using a smartphone since you were five years old.

One solution can be an Android launcher. A launcher is an app that gives a new look to your Android desktop. Launchers are not available for iPhones. Phonotto is a launcher that can really simplify the look of your Android phone. The basic version is available for free in the Google Play app store.

Let’s compare the typical Android launch screen side by side with Phonotto. On the left is my Android phone launch screen and on the right is Phonotto.


It’s pretty clear that the screen on the right is just a little bit easier to navigate. Functions, like taking a photo or sending a message, are front and center. The dialpad for the phone is large and easy to read.


Contact information is easy to see and understand, plus functions like editing are clearly marked.


The lockscreen is specially designed to prevent accidental touches.


And here’s something users will love. Unlike most apps, this one actually has a manual that you can’t easily print out to consult. You can find more about the app by clicking here. 

The basic version is free, but you can also buy a premium version that offers more features.

~ Cynthia

2 thoughts on “Phonotto Makes Smartphones Easier For Seniors

  1. I”m not there yet, Cindy, however appreciate that you have identified this as a good option so that I may continue to use my phone.

  2. Maybe not all Android phones have it but our Galaxy S4’s have an easy mode in settings that is much like this one, and if the less technical person using the phone doesn’t have someone in the house to help them perhaps that would be a good idea.

    However, IMO since the Android phone screens are so easily customized it is better to just get rid of most of the app icons cut the number of home screens down to 3 and just put the few icons the person will be using on those 3 screens and leave the look and feel alone. Then as they get more accustomed to using the phone you can add some additional icons back without making big changes.

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