.I received this panicked message from a reader.  “Windows Ten downloaded on my dearly departed beloved son’s computer. His computer was my connection with him  etc. After the download five days later I put the P.C. on and got this message. CRITICAL PROCESS DIED CHECK IT OUT ON THE NET….Can you help in how to get it back to Windows 7. I am 85 years old and his computer meant so much to me.
There’s always the possibility that it is just a pop-up ad designed to lure you to a fake tech support site.   There is a Blue Screen scam going around. Is the PC still working otherwise?  If not, you may be missing a driver.  If you can’t restart, I”d suggest restarting and pressing the Shift + F8 key to restart in safe mode. Then I’d suggest updating your drivers. Also, malware or a virus can cause that type of error. So run your virus protection.

I’m not sure how old the PC is, but at some point hard drives can just start to fail with age. If the computer is very important to you, consider taking it to a trustworthy PC shop to take a look at it.

~ Cynthia