Welcome to Europeana Exhibitions exhibit on Art Nouveau!

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find a brief description of the exhibit and then click the Start Exhibit to get to the content. Once inside, you’ll find that the materials are categorized by Themes.

The themes are Mastercrafts, In Print, Influences & Inspirations, Commerce & Collections, World of New Interiors, Architecture & Cityscapes, Muses & Mysticism, and Context. All you have to do is select the one you are interested in and then click into the section to view the content.

Once inside a section, you’ll use the right and left arrows to navigate¬†through. Each section has a brief description of the content, for example, if you select Mastercrafts, you’ll have introductory information on the left, an image on the right, and the navigation options beneath the introductory text. You can also use the navigation arrows to continue through the other themes.

I really loved learning more about Art Nouveau in this format. It was just enough information and imagery to keep me interested without getting boring.

Go see it for yourself today!