Could iPhone Production Come To USA

Rumors that some iPhones could be made in the USA are swirling after a Japanese business magazine says Apple asked two of the Asian firms that manufacturer their devices in China to look at the possibility of moving some of the production to the US.


President-elect Donald Trump famously said back in January that he wanted the company to build their products in the USA.

Experts say that could lead to an increase in price.

Apple Cuts Fees To Sell Videos

As Apple gets ready to roll out its new TV App, the company is giving companies that provide content a break. Right now Apple takes 30% of the revenue from streaming apps. Now they plan to cut that fee in half to 15%. This may draw more content providers to their platform.

This may lead to price cuts for consumers. Some streaming services actually charge more to use their service on an iPhone or iPad app to make up the cost.

WiFi Cookie Oven: Does Anyone Need One?

Everyone loves a nice, fresh, warm cookie.  A company called SideChef is hoping that you  like the idea so much, you’re willing to pony up $250 bucks for a smart cookie oven.


You use an app to tell the oven what type of cookies you want and it picks the perfect temperature and baking time. You can delay the start of baking several hours, so you can make sure to have warm cookies when you want them.  The oven will even send a picture of your fresh cookies to your phone to let you know they’re ready.  Users can either use their own cookie dough or order prepackaged dough from the company.  On the downside, it only bakes four cookies at a time. And it doesn’t do anything else.

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

~ Cynthia