I get asked this question a lot:  “How can I take off a game (on Facebook) that I don’t want to play anymore?”

A lot of us have played a game, but lost interest. Or maybe a friend convinced us to play a few times, but you just aren’t that into it. But you still get annoying requests and notifications.

First, go to your Facebook feed.


Scroll down to the Apps section and select Games from the column on the far left.


Click Your Games at the top of the page.


Find the game you want to remove and click the little gear symbol next to it.


A window will open giving you details about the game and what types of permissions it has.


All the way down at the bottom of the window is extremely small lettering, you’ll see Remove App. Click on that.


This window will open. The game will be removed from your bookmarks and apps.  If you want to remove all of your past posts and activities with the game, make sure to check the box.  Then choose Remove.


You’ll be asked to confirm.


When you check your list of games, you’ll notice that the game is now gone.


~ Cynthia