Getting used to a new browser can be difficult. A reader is trying to find his way around Microsoft Edge. ” I have a question about  Microsoft Edge. I have, in the past used, “save as” for web pages, article, etc. to my desktop for later review. I have tried with Edge and found when I reconnect using the saved shortcut, on my desktop, it will not take me to the page. The path shows bill/desktop/then the URL. If I cut off the first part and just use the URL Edge has HUM in the middle of the screen. Is there a way in the settings to allow me to save a website and get back to the site using the shortcut?”


The easy way to save articles for later review in Microsft Edge is to add it to your reading list.  When you find an article you want to save for later, click the star icon at the top right of the browser.


You’ll be offered the choice to save as a Favorite or in your Reading list.  If you’ve saving a general site like, save it under Favorites.  If you want to save a specific article, choose Reading list.


You have the option to change the title if you like. Then select Add.


To read the saved article, click the Hub icon.


Then choose the Reading List icon.


Scroll down and you’ll be able to find your saved articles.


I find this to be the neatest way organize articles.

You could also hit the menu button in Edge and select Pin To Start From the drop-down menu.


A shortcut to the article will now appear in the tile section of your Start Menu.


~ Cynthia