Internet Explorer has been around for so long, sometimes you tend to assume that everyone is pretty familiar with it.  But it’s changed so much over the years that I thought we’d revisit this familiar browser. For this demonstration, I’m using Internet Explorer 11. That’s the version everyone should be on. The only exception is people still using Windows Vista, you can’t upgrade past Internet Explorer 9. Plus it’s really time to be thinking about a new operating system since support for Vista ends next April.  If you’re Using XP, you shouldn’t be online anyway, but certainly not with Internet Explorer.

The icon to open Internet Explorer looks like this:


Here’s what an open Internet Explorer 11 page looks like.


Take your attention to the upper-right side of the page to find your controls for Internet Explorer. The most important is that little gear symbol.


This is where you’ll find all of your important settings, located in the drop-down menu. Here’s what it looks like in Windows 7.


In Windows  8.1 and 10, it will look like this:


Print opens up your typical print options. Remember that printing from here is going to get you the whole web page, often in tiny type. It’s usually better to find the print-friendly version of the article you want to print or to print just the image you’re interested in.


Choosing File will give you the option to  go full-screen, save the HTML file for the page somewhere or to search the page for a particular word or phrase.


Below that is Zoom, which is a very handy option. You can enlarge the page up to 400%


Next up, we have Safety. This is where you can delete your browsing history and turn on safety features like Smart Screen.


Tomorrow, in part 2 of this article, we’ll check out more about Internet Explorer 11.

~ Cynthia