How Do I Get My Pointer Back?

You know what’s the absolute worst?  When someone uses your computer or tablet and changes your settings. We heard from a reader with a problem. “I have Windows 10 & I USED TO HAVE my pointer as the biggest black arrow that could be had as I have vision issues.  Well, my sister signed on my computer & changed everything & now my big black arrow is no longer here.  I’ve gone to the Control Panel & looked under the things needed in order to get it back & cannot find how to retrieve it.  Please help!”

Fortunately, it’s easy to fix.  I’ll show you how and also offer a bit of advice that could keep it from happening again.  First, type in “Ease of Access” in your search box.


Choose Make mouse easier to use.


Under Mouse Pointers, select Extra Large Black. 


Right next to the pointer options, you can also change the size of the cursor if you like.


Make sure to apply the changes when you’re finished. Click apply at the bottom of the page.



One way to keep this from happening is to create a guest account for your computer. Log out of your account and let other users log on to a guest account with no administrative privileges. That way their changes won’t affect your PC.

~ Cynthia

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