A reader had a good question about security for a smart TV: “Is there any way to firewall the TV? I don’t know of any hardware that can run a firewall that uses cable connectors. At least with a laptop, you are running the “smart” part through your laptop firewall and anti-malware. Same with ROKU, it runs through your Internet connection so it too can be firewalled. Actually, I found lots of question on how to open up the firewall to allow ROKU to work.”

Many smart TVs come with built-in firewall settings. That’s one of the items you can check out before purchasing a TV.  Security updates for TVs are provided by the manufacturer. For example, Samsung provides security updates for their TVs.


To receive the updates automatically, you’ll need to look under the Support menu, got to Software Update, and turn on Auto Update.

The most important thing you can do is make sure the firewall on your router is turned on and that you have encryption enabled.

It’s also important that you use secure passwords for all the accounts you access via your smart TV like Netflix and Amazon.


If you’ve got your router’s firewall enabled, your Roku should be somewhat secured. If there’s an issue with your Roku and your router, you’ll probably want to check with support for your particular router.

~ Cynthia