I knew people collected stamps, but who knew that there were enough stamps of the poet Dante Alighieri to warrant a whole website? I didn’t! Although, I am sure glad that this website exists!

When you arrive at the site you’ll find a navigation strip across the top with featured content below. The featured content offers both a featured item and a featured collection. Beneath those, you’ll find a listing of the recently updated items.

To dive into the stamps you can select Browse Collections or Browse Items. My favorite way to browse is through the collection option, but that could be because I learned a bounty of new things from browsing that way. For example, I learned that a Cinderella stamp is an item that resembles┬ápostage but wasn’t issued by a government for postal purposes. I also learned about First Day Covers and Cancellations. It was really fascinating!

It was really cool to look at all the different kinds of stamps that feature Dante Alighieri!

Go check them out for yourself today!