Checkout-Free Grocery Comes To Seattle

Amazon is getting into the brick and mortar grocery store business and promises to do away with lines and checkouts. An experimental grocery store in Seattle called Amazon Go is using advanced tech to change the way people shop.


Thanks to the Amazon Go app, shoppers can just walk in, put their items in the bag, and leave. Amazon will then charge your account and send you a receipt.  The store is located on 7th Avenue in Seattle and will open to the public in early 2017.

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Netflix Offers Offline Playback

Netflix will now allow users to download programming to watch when they’re in areas when the Internet connection is limited or expensive.


Users can find a download button on the details page for a video they want to watch later.  Users need the latest version of the Netflix add for iOS or Android and a Netflix account.


 AT&T Tests 5G Network

AT&T is launching its first consumer trial of a 5G network at Intel’s offices in Austin Texas.  According to senior AT&T VP Rich Hubbard, “This trial is a significant step forward. We’re leaving the lab and heading into the field with a real-world business customer.”

5G offers transmission speeds of more than a gigabit per second.  AT &T said it hoped to see mobile video transmission speeds that could rival the speed of cable transmission.

~ Cynthia