A reader wrote in response to our articles on Internet Explorer  “Who uses Internet Explorer, anymore? It is not secure.  What about Firefox?”

Right now, about 23% of Windows users use Internet Explorer. That trails behind the Chrome browser’s 55% of the market share, but it’s still double the 11% of users of Firefox. Microsoft’s Edge has just cracked the 5% mark and Safari comes in at around 4%. All other browsers combined don’t even crack 2% of total users.


As for security, with the end of Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8, security for Internet Explorer isn’t so much of an issue.  All of the major browsers are fairly secure as long as you keep your protection up-to-date and practice good web behavior.

Internet Explorer’s share is shrinking, but there are still many business programs and devices that depend on it to operate, so expect Microsoft to support this browser for the foreseeable future.

Which browser are you using?  Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia