Who Even Uses Internet Explorer?

A reader wrote in response to our articles on Internet Explorer  “Who uses Internet Explorer, anymore? It is not secure.  What about Firefox?”

Right now, about 23% of Windows users use Internet Explorer. That trails behind the Chrome browser’s 55% of the market share, but it’s still double the 11% of users of Firefox. Microsoft’s Edge has just cracked the 5% mark and Safari comes in at around 4%. All other browsers combined don’t even crack 2% of total users.


As for security, with the end of Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8, security for Internet Explorer isn’t so much of an issue.  All of the major browsers are fairly secure as long as you keep your protection up-to-date and practice good web behavior.

Internet Explorer’s share is shrinking, but there are still many business programs and devices that depend on it to operate, so expect Microsoft to support this browser for the foreseeable future.

Which browser are you using?  Let us know in the comments.

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40 thoughts on “Who Even Uses Internet Explorer?

  1. I am currently using Firefox, but the handwriting on the wall is obvious, I will be changing to Chrome after the first of the new year.

  2. I use Google most of the time. Only use IE when I run into a problem accessing a particular website with Chrome. I don’t like MS Edge at all. I have one laptop on Windows 10 and an HP Chromebook. The Chromebook is by far the faster of the two and uses Google Chrome exclusively.

  3. Currently I have windows 10 on my desktop Dell system. I use Edge for most things but have to use Internet Explorer for my email. I’m trying to get out of Internet Explorer.

  4. I use Chrome for the most part (Windows 7, SP1, 6 G RAM), but I’ve also used Maxthon, an IE clone, and Comodo Dragon, a Chrome clone.

  5. A few years back I switched to Opera as my main info, email ‘Outlook’ and ‘streaming’ browser and never really left. For future debate, I have always maintained my ‘Favorites’ in IE for convenience, the downside is I am still running Vista and IE9 is about to outlive its usefulness, totally!

  6. I use Google Chrome mostly, being most my apps and other programs with my cell phone all interreact well together!

  7. I use Chrome as my browser along with my Comodo anti-virus. I feel safest with Comodo as they have saved my bacon on so many times. I love the versatility of IE, but there are too manys security holes to depend on it.

  8. I have changed over to Google Chrome from Firefox for a while now and am happy with the switch.I don’t seem to get hung up as much,and its fast with loading pages.Yahoo for mail, which I will be changing in the future,because I don’t think its secure as much,but don’t know which one to choose. I also use spybot along with a McAfee.

  9. I use Firefox. I do not like it. I tried, hated it. I still think XP was
    the easiest & best I have ever used. I’m ready to to go back to IE & give
    it another try.

  10. Many years ago our older son told us to switch to Firefox on our computers for security reasons. We did, I hated it (my husband never even noticed something was different on his!!), but his reasons made sense. Have gotten used to it now but use IE at work and still prefer it. I see no particular reason to change unless one is clearly safer and better than another. Each additional layer of protection is good as far as I am concerned.

  11. At work, I use IE 11 almost exclusively because our core product which we develop only supports running in IE. At home, I have tried to use Edge as my default browser but there are sites which will not work properly so I have to use Google Chrome.

    On my Android tablet and phone, I use Google Chrome almost all of the time. However, I do like the Dolphin browser for the Android.

  12. I use mostly Chrome, but also Firefox, IE, and Edge. Of the four, IE is the only one that still allows me to subscribe to RSS feeds. I subscribe to an email card website, and IE is also the only browser that allows me to view the cards before I send them. Of the four, I use Edge the least, and I hate it. It takes forever to load, and just about every other time I open it, my settings are different although I didn’t change them.

  13. My wife uses IE since that is what she has to use at work… Our daughter uses Edge since that is what they mainly use at school.. and I use FireFox almost exclusively… IE when I have to to get to a few sites that do not do well with FireFox.

  14. I have used Opera for years on various computers and with its built in VPN it one of the best browsers I have used.

  15. I have all of these on my old Dell Inspiron 519, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, as-well-as Internet (Chromodo) and use tham all all the time with no trouble except Google Chrome will no longer be supporting Vista Home Premium 64Bit. I do not worry about viruses or any of the other pesky BS that tries to get on our computers as I have, what I consider to be, one of the best Anti-Viruses that can be loaded, from Comodo Internet Security.

  16. Firefox has just let us down badly, going so slow and when trying to speed it up they suggested reinstalling which we did and no better plus they then start pushing for donations. Went over to Microsoft Edge and moved our bookmarks/favourites etc there and set up the home page we prefer and find it really quite good, so I guess we will be staying with Microsoft Edge for now.

  17. I use 6 browsers. All of them do something different. Sea Monkey for it’s edit properties on web sites, Firefox because I like its set up at the top, Edge because some programs work with it that don’t in others, Int. Exp. because that’s where most of my bookmarks are and I just downloaded Google Chrome. My banking works nicely in that one. And, I have an older copy of Netscape 7.0 that I also like for it’s editing properties and are the best for making any changes I want.

  18. I use chrome but they have abandon Vista so their messages telling me they no longer support vista or xp is very annoying after seeing it every time I open the browser. I wish there was a way to stop the notifications. I read about one way but it only works when I click on the chrome icon. If I click on a link in e-mail it shows the message again. It is very annoying. I tried to do the update to windows 7 on my vista desktop computer but the computer goes into a restart loop. When I did the free windows 10 upgrade from windows 7 it brought my laptop to a crawl and locked into yahoo search.

  19. I use Firefox probably 85% of the time and Edge 10% of the time and Chrome 5% of the time because my work will only operate on Chrome. I use Safari on my iPhone SE because it came with it and I have tried to install Safari on my Laptop for Windows 10 but Norton keeps blocking the download saying it is not safe and removes the download before I can even run the install. I am open to trying others with some recommendations by any other users.

  20. I use Firefox. Love the ability to set up Profiles for multiple EMail accounts w/o having to Log Out and Log In every time I view different accounts. Choose the Profile I want and automatically logged in. Can keep multiple profiles open to readily jump back and forth. Before I discovered this capability I auto logged into different browsers depending on which emails I wanted.
    I do have Chrome and IE still on desktop but chastise any business that claims I need use either to access some of their info.

  21. I use IE11 on Windows 10. I tried the new Edge browser but it is seriously incompatible with many financial sites I use so I killed it and have stuck with IE with no problems. I haven’t looked at it lately but there was no easy way to do a ‘save as’ so that was another black mark for Edge for me.

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