If you compete for the best Christmas light display on the block, some fancy tech might give you the edge you need to claim victory this season.


Synchronized lighting

One of the best ways to automate your lights is with an appliance control system like the Mr. Christmas light control. These systems plug into a standard outlet and function like any power strip, except they allow you to program when the lights turn on, so you can create light shows that can even synchronize with music. Better still, some of these control systems like the Vivint Lamp Module sync with your smartphone, allowing you to turn your lights on and off from anywhere.


Skip the ladder

If you’re tired of climbing up on your icy roof every winter, a Christmas light projector may be just what you need. These LED projectors can paint a light show on your house, all from a simple light box you can stake in your lawn.  Or you can go the extra mile and use these to bolster your light display.


Save a polar bear

While they may lack the pop of a synchronized light show, solar powered Christmas lights definitely give you one up on your Prius-driving neighbors. While they’re bragging about how you can see their lights from space, you can remind them that you’re offsetting more carbon than their car does in a year.


Go big or go home

If in doubt, always make sure to add more lights and get creative. Like this Las Vegas home, which incorporates thousands of lights synced up with music from various songs. Combine that with your own theme and you have a recipe for a winning Christmas light display.


Like with everything else, technology makes Christmas light displays much better. Explore some of these ideas to geek up your display so you can claim bragging rights on your block this year.

~ Jonathan Dessing