3 Tips To Remember When Emailing Your Resume


When it comes to job hunts, knowing how to email a resume is just as important as creating one. Unfortunately, this can be a challenge for the technically unsavvy. Everything from your resume font type to the structure gives an impression before an employer even reads it. Keep these tips in mind before you hit send –

1 – Choose the Right Format

A basic rule of thumb is to send your resume as an attachment. But you don’t always have to send it as a Word document. Keep in mind, an electronic resume can be sent in at least four different types of formats. A look at the pros and cons of each format should help you make a more informed decision.

1 – As a Word Document- A Word document looks the same when you send it and as it is received.  But if your employer has a different version of Word, he/she might not be able to open it.

2 – As a PDF document – No one can modify your resume once it is in a PDF format. However, your recipient must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view it.

3 – As Plain Text – This can be sent to recipients who don’t accept email attachments (more on this later). However, some employers might consider a text-only resume visually unappealing.

4 – As an HTML Document – Recipients can view HTML documents right in a browser and without downloading them. However, not all browsers support this format.

The best way to determine which format is right for your situation is to see which one your employer prefers.

2 – Sending your Resume in the Body

Maybe they don’t know how attachments work. Maybe they are tired of asking prospects to re-send their resumes in formats that are supported by their systems. Whatever the reason may be, some employers prefer that you send them your resume right in your email’s body.

This by no way means that you have to type it again. Just highlight the text in your document, copy and paste it in the email. Before you hit send, make sure that the layout in the email is just as professional as it was in the original document. Anything that you have underlined or italicized might not show up in plain text. To make your text only resume employer-ready –


  • Modify your text from the email toolbar –  A rule of thumb is to keep it at 10 or 12pt
  • Keep it left justified – This makes your text look more professional
  • Keep it Simple – Avoid bold or italicized text. Even if you format it, there is no guarantee that the recipient will receive it exactly as you sent it


3 – Posting your Resume on Job Boards

Job boards and related websites have made it easier for employers and prospects to find each other. If you plan on posting your resume here but aren’t really that tech savvy, there are a few things you should keep in mind –


  • Set up a separate email address – You might receive spam after posting your email on a job board. To protect your personal account, create another email address that you use for online job hunts exclusively.


  • Watch out for Unsolicited Emails – Some people often prey on job seekers by sending them malicious emails disguised as job opportunities.

Sending an updated electronic resume is the first step towards a job hunt. Attaching your email or sending it as text may seem simple enough, but it is worth spending more time on it.

Author Bio: Darren Lipomi is a website developer in a well-respected U.S. company. He leads a team of 15 professionals. Currently, he is developing a micro application.

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