I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m already thinking about what I need to do to move if we decide not to renew our lease this spring. In order to start preparing myself mentally, I’ve been looking up moving tips.

This site offers an amazing and comprehensive list of moving tips offering over 100 ways to make your move go smoothly. The list is divided into three sections. They arePacking, Moving Day, and Hacks & Ideas.  All you have to do to navigate it is scroll down the page.

I love tip #50 about having a first-night box. That’s so practical and easily overlooked. When we moved last year, we packed a first night suitcase, but if we move again I think I’d do both. The suitcase could house our clothes and essentials, and the box could have items that we’d want immediately that first night (like the Keurig, extra light bulbs and some tools!

I also liked tip #67 that suggests you take a picture of your cords that way when you go to setup whatever devices the cords went to you’ll know the right order.

That’s a just a small sample of the kinds of tips you’ll find. Go see for yourself today!