In The News 12/23/2016

Sheriff’s Office Pays Off Hackers

The Carroll County, Arkansas Sheriff’s Department has paid ransom to crooks who took their computer system hostage using the Dharma ransomware.

They paid around $2500 to hackers who encrypted the files on their system. In this case, they lucked out because the criminals actually did unlock the files. The department says it’s going to look into improving security.


Medical School Swaps Cadavers For VR

Medical students at the Case Western’s new Health Education Campus at the Cleveland Clinic won’t learn anatomy by dissecting cadavers. Instead, they’ll look inside the human body with Microsoft’s Hololens goggles and study anatomy using augmented reality.

Using the goggles, students will be able to walk around the bodies and get a 360 view. They’ll also be able to peer down through layers of muscle, veins, and organs all the way to the bones. And unlike a corpse, they’ll actually be able to view things like respiration and blood flow.  Thanks to the new tech, they can even zoom in for a better look smaller parts of the body. It’s hoped that the new technology will save the school a considerable amount of money by doing away with the need to maintain a cadaver lab.  The new facility is expected to open in 2019.

Could Facebook Get Into Original Programming?

Reports Facebook is thinking about getting into the original programming game along with major players like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.  The social media giant is apparently mulling the idea of offering sport, movies, and other original content.


No word yet on whether this would be free or paid content.

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