A reader wants some help adding a personal touch to her photos. “Could you tell me how to sign my photo’s  down in the bottom right-hand corner. I have taken many pictures over my life and would like to have some of them placed on acrylic glass displays.  Before I do this, I would like to sign my photo’s,
My operating system is Windows 10, I have a paid version of Microsoft Office 365, but I don’t have Photoshop. I find the tools in Windows 10 for cropping etc. are all I need.”

You may not need to look any further than Microsoft Paint.  You can open up an image in there and either add a typed text signature and date by clicking the text tool. (The icon looks like an ‘A’) Or you can click the brush icon and select a pen tool.  Then write your name with either the mouse or with a stylus if you have a touch screen.


Another fun option is to head over to MyScriptFont.   This free site will allow you to turn you handwriting into a font that you can add to your PC. Then you can just type out your signature.

~ Cynthia.