At one time or another, you’ll probably be faced with changing your Internet Service Provider. Whether you’re moving or you’ve just found a better deal, there’s an important factor to take into consideration: Your email address.  If your email address is tied to your ISP, you’ll need to change it. Because once you terminate the service, your account is gone forever.

An account tied to your ISP normally has an address that ends with the name of the ISP in some fashion or in the case of Time-Warner, you get that That’s why I suggest that your primary email is something like Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo that you can take with you no matter which ISP you choose.

gmail image

If there are any important emails that you wish to keep, you’ll need to either download them to your PC using an email client or forward them to an email account not associated with your ISP.

If you have precious pictures and document hanging out in that account, you need to save them your PC or to the cloud ASAP. You should already be doing that, sometimes we get busy and we forget.

You can open up free email accounts with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and other services not matter where you get your Internet service, and that really is preferable to switching to another email address provided by your ISP.  If you switch ISPs again, you’ll just have to change your email address again.

In addition to making sure your friends, family, and business contacts have your new email address, there’s more to think about.

Even if you don’t use an account from your ISP as your primary email address, don’t forget that you might have used it as a secondary address. Maybe the account where your password code is emailed if you can’t log into your primary account. So make sure you check all of your other accounts. Don’t forget newsletter subscriptions and online accounts with your bank and retailers. You don’t want to miss an important notification because it went to the wrong address.

~ Cynthia