Here’s a free Android app that could save you a lot of money on speeding tickets.  Sometimes when you’re out on the road, you have no idea what the speed limit is. Maybe it’s 75, maybe it’s 55, maybe it’s 45. There aren’t always signs and if they’re there, sometimes they’re blocked. A handy, free app called velociraptor can let you know what the limit is where you are and alert you if you’re going too fast.

Of course, I don’t suggest holding it to look at while you’re driving. Your co-pilot can take care of that. Or you can just set it to give you an audio alert if you’re exceeding the speed limit.

To download Velociraptor, just head to the Google Play store and search “Velociraptor.”


To install, just tap the Install button.



Velociraptor is a floating monitor that will display over an open map app like Google Maps.  You’ll see the local speed limit and just how fast you’re going.


You can set the app to give you a sound alert whenever you go over the speed limit. You can also set in a speeding tolerance that doesn’t alert you if you’re just going a little bit over the limit.


You’ll be able to choose which apps you want to display Velociraptor in.


~ Cynthia