I’m old enough to get pretty excited about how easy it is to make a video call these days. It still feels like a sci-fi movie to me. And it is so simple! There are several apps that will allow you to make video calls. Today I’m going to show you how simple it is to connect with the Facebook Messenger app. The only requirement is that the other person has Messenger installed on their tablet or phone. Or you can use your PC and make the call in a browser, as long as your PC has a webcam and a microphone to allow you to talk.

Here’s how to do it.  Open the Messenger app by tapping on the icon.


Then click the + Icon.


Choose Make Call.


Select the contact you want to call and tap the little video camera icon.


Messenger will call the other person.


When the person answers you’ll see them taking up most of the screen and you up in the corner.


You can also call by opening up a conversation you’re already having with someone and tapping the video camera icon.


If you want to make a call from a browser, just open up the chat window and tap the video icon at the top of the chat window. Remember, your PC must have a webcam and a microphone to make video calls.


To end a call, just tap the red phone icon.


Try it out! The future is now.

~ Cynthia