A reader wants to know how to save copies of emails from an email client.  “I use Thunderbird for my email and want to know how to save a copy of my emails much the same as with Eudora.  I have several drives from older computers that have emails that I would like to retrieve but don’t know how.”

The key to saving emails from an email client is to export the data file.  For Thunderbird, you’ll want to press the Windows key + R.  When the run window opens, type in:  %appdata%

Hit OK.


Then scroll down to Thunderbird and click to open.


Scroll down to Profiles.


Right-click and select Copy.


You can then paste that information to a safe backup location. You may be able to find the data for other emails saved on your old drives. But it’s a good idea to back up your data frequently.

~ Cynthia