The New Yorker has put together a list of Year in Review collections for 2016.

When you arrive at the site all you have to do to navigate is scroll down the page and look at the list. Select the collection that is interesting to you, and you’ll be whisked away to the items for that entry on the list.

You’ll find collections dedicated to books, culture, fashion, music, movies, ┬árestaurants, and more. ┬áI always start with the book collections, because I want to see if I’ve missed reading something awesome. This list offers several book collections to check out (including a poetry list) so be sure you don’t stop at just the first one. After that I check out music, and then anything else that catches my eye.

When you click into a collection, it is presented article style. That means you’ll have plenty to read about the items in the collection and in addition some of the lists feature the inclusion of images, audio, and video.

So why don’t you go take a peek at these collections and see if you’ve missed anything cool this year!